Health Care Products

Health Care Products

Agasthyarasayanam 400gm
Rs 560.00

Agasthyarasayanam 400gm - Respiratory problems.....

Ashwagandhadhi lehyam 400gm
Rs 630.00

Ashwagandhadhi lehyam 400gm - for immunity.....

Bahushalagudam 400gm
Rs 550.00

Bahushalagudam 400gm - for piles.....

Chindchadi thylam 200ml
Rs 641.00Rs 720.00

Chindchadi thylam for body pain relief......

Chindchadi thylam 500ml
Rs 1,558.00Rs 1,750.00

Chindchadi thylam 500ml for body pain relief.....

Dayamrutham 300gm
Rs 659.00Rs 740.00

Dayamrutham 300gm - Diabetes medicine.....

Dhynakanthi 200ml
Rs 560.00

Dhynakanthi 200ml - for Cholesterol.....

Kalurvangadhi 200ml
Rs 550.00

Kalurvangadhi 200ml - for kidney stone medicine.....

Musli vita capsules 60nos
Rs 1,740.00

Musli vita capsules 60nos - for sexual power.....

Musthadi kashayam 500ml
Rs 872.00Rs 980.00

Musthadi kashayam 500ml - for weight reduction.....

Pain flex oil 200ml
Rs 606.00Rs 680.00

For body, muscle and joint pain......

Pain flex oil 450ml
Rs 1,140.00Rs 1,280.00

Pain flex oil 450ml from body, muscle and joint pain......

Panchamooli 200ml
Rs 530.00

Panchamooli 200ml - for blood pressure.....

Punarnavadhi 500ml
Rs 882.00Rs 990.00

Punarnavadhi 500ml - Thyroid medicine.....

Sathavarigulam 400gm
Rs 580.00

Sathavarigulam 400gm - for gynecological problems.....

Vachadi thailam 100ml
Rs 427.00Rs 480.00

Vachadi thailam 100ml - from vericose vein.....

Vetpalai thylam 200ml
Rs 850.00

Vetpalai thylam 200ml - for skin infections.....

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